What are your Objectives with your Books?


Save Cash
Are you buying lots of books to get the “low price per book”? If so, consider this: How much cash did you lay down to purchase all those books? How many books will you destroy due to obsolescence? How much space do those books take up? Often, short-run books pay for themselves. Let’s talk.


Affordable Reprints
Do you have a book that is out of print? We can help you with affordable reprints to extend the life of lower sales volume titles.


Just In Time Solution
Rather then printing a slew of books and creating a large inventory, you can now consider printing books in shorter run lengths giving you a just-in-time solution.


Reduce Obsolescence
Let’s face it, books become obsolete. If you print thousands of books, chances are you will have a lot become outdated. Have you ever put to paper the cost of your obsolescence? With our short run solution, just in time solution you can reduce your obsolescence rate.



Why Us?

The advantages of our book printing services are many.

  • On-demand, digital book printing is affordable. Whether your pages are black and white text or full-color graphics, digital printing allows you to print smaller quantities.
  • There are no minimum requirements: print only the quantity you absolutely need.
  • You can reduce inventory and storage expenses.
  • Virtually eliminates obsolete inventories.
  • For independent authors, we understand the challenges of publishing and our book printing services help you get published faster. You can revise and republish more easily and personalize your manuscripts with variable data.
  • We help you reduce the costs associated with getting your book to market.
  • For book publishers, our digital book printing solution allows you to print smaller quantities helping to reduce your inventory and warehousing costs and allowing you to publish more authors and expand into more markets.
  • We can also implement an online ordering process and personalize books with variable printing.

We can even take care of your packing and shipping needs at our Fulfillment/E-commerce Logistics Center so you can stay focused on your business.


Books Related Services:

Whether you’re a business producing manuals or reports, a publishing company, or an author looking for a more effective way to get your books to market. We have a complete solution for you.


Short-Run Digital Printing
Our book printing services incorporate short-run digital printing with finishing and binding. Why print 1000 books, when you only need 50-100 copies? We understand that obsolescence is costly!


Publishing Services
We offer an entire suite of services designed to provide you one solution for book printing:

  • Publishing Services
  • Graphic design to help you with text, layout, and cover art
  • High-speed, full-color or black and white printing

An Entire Suite of Services

  • Perfect binding and other binding options
  • Mailing and fulfillment

The H&H Group’s professional book printing service helps you print just one book or many. Whatever your subject, you can get just the quantity you need when you need it and even personalize each and every one of them. Now, that’s not just a publishing solution, it’s a marketing solution.

The H&H Group’s book printing services include documents such as these:

  • Perfect bound short run
  • Training manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Books and Booklets
  • Inventory and pricing books
  • Directories
  • Manuscripts